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I just moved from upstate New York to FLA. one year ago. My doc gave me a name and a number of a doc in Sarasota. I made an appointment, drove an hour to doc Jess's office. From the moment I walked into her space I felt relaxed and welcomed by Joy.

When Doc Jess came out to meet me, she gave me a warm and beautiful smile that was sincere. We went into her special consultation room, where she made me feel so important, relaxed, and happy I was there. She listened to all my concerns and gave me the time I needed to explain each of them in detail. I have never, ever, had a doc spend that much time with me. Dr. J is the most understanding and truly caring physician I have ever met. I am so glad I found you.

- much love, D.B.

It is a unique experience when you look forward to a doctor's visit, but I have found this to be true under Dr. Jessica's care. She exudes energy, hope, and genuine concern.

After 18 months of struggle with chest pressure, fatigue, brain fog, feelings of helplessness, scans, and multiple rounds of antibiotics ...I was depressed and desperate. Dr. Jessica learned the details to my story and after a 3 hour initial visit .....that alone was earth shattering to me.

Slowly and gracefully we began acupuncture treatments and eventually this led to taking fresh made at home chinese herbal teas to support our treatment plan. I feared if the herbs did not work I would have no hope or recourse. Dr. J said "Don't you worry Gail....my toolbox is endless." Again she gave me hope and of course....she was right. Within days my pain and fatigue diminished. As i write this I have energy and a lightness in my chest that I have not felt in over a year!!!

I bless the day I walked into her office......I know she truly cares for me and my health. I recommend Dr. Jessica to anyone with any health issue, you will not be disappointed. I would never leave her care she is a doctor like no other!

- G.C.

Things That Helped In My Radiation Therapy Process

Working with an alternative doctor, Dr. Jessica Lipham N.D., MSOM, L.AC Sarasota Healing Arts in Sarasota (941-487-7311)

I have been taking a green drink, Barleans Greens, follow directions on bottle(l heaping scoop in 8oz. of water every morning. I have been taking Modified Citrus Pectin also every morning (1 heaping scoop in 8oz. water.) Pectin in its natural form cannot be absorbed by the body and is considered a type of soluble dietary fiber, whereas modified pectin can be absorbed into the bloodstream. It supports cellular health, a healthy immune response, healthy detoxification, it is also gluten & allergen free. As my nails became brittle and split, I started taking a powdered Calcium Citrate (1 tsp.) in with the Barleans Greens. On a daily basis I also take 2 (500mg) capsules of Bromelain, supplying 2,400 GDU and 2 capsules of Dr. Mercola Krill Oil.

From the time of my surgery on, I have been using Castor Oil (The Palma Christi) hexane free, from the health food store, on the incision area and around it. As things progressed, I used it on all of the affected areas both night and several times during the day. (not, however, within 4 hours preceding the radiation treatment). After each Radiation Treatment, I totally soaked in a hot tub of water with 3 cups Epson Salts & 112 cup of Baking Soda for about 10 minutes before applying a Very Cold washcloth over the area that was inflamed.

This helps to: (1) get rid of the toxins caused by radiation and (2) get the blood flowing again.

The process: Soak for 10 minutes, then apply Very Cold Wet washcloth to area for 30 seconds, then back in the tub of hot water again for 3 minutes, at least 3 rounds ending on a short cold. Then apply the Castor Oil when finished with your bath. This seems to help tremendously, I always feel much better and am able to sleep better as well. Dr. Lipham stressed the need to drink PLENTY of Water after these baths as you are detoxing the body. She suggested that I take an 8-12 ounce glass of water with a healthy pinch of Sea Salt in it every day to help with any minerals I could be deficient in. I also drank white tea or green tea on most days instead of coffee and even took a green tea supplement of 2 capsules daily. I also found that ginger tea or triple ginger pound cake helped tremendously with nausea, although some, I had very little.

I went to Sarasota every Friday during the radiation therapy process for acupuncture which also helped tremendously and I was no longer "living in a brain fog". And then once a month we have a massage by a good massage therapist, which also helps with removing toxins from the body. I sincerely hope that these helps which were given to me, will help others stay healthy in their radiation process.

- William S.

Dr. J ~ I just had to write this testimonial to let you know how truly grateful I am for all you have done for me! I had been suffering for 5 or 6 months with horrible hot flashes and insomnia. Unless you have been there you have no idea how miserable it is!! I have been to several so called "naturopathic doctors" in the area and none were able to help me. Some were more about the money than actually healing or helping me - more about anti aging rather than holistic healing. You took almost 3 hours of your time to really listen and get to know me and my issues. It was very obvious to me in our first meeting that you knew what you were talking about. You explained things to me. You gave me a simple Chinese tea to take you explained everything to me. I went home and did exactly what you said and miraculously (or not so miraculously) it worked!! I could not explain how it worked but within 48 hours the hot flashes lessened and within 5 days they were almost totally gone!! You are so patient and kind no to mention smart as well as funny!! All I can say is thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart! If any of your new patients would ever like to speak with me I am happy to share my experience!

- All the Best, Laura M.

I am so fortunate to have Dr. Lipham as a my doctor. The inital meeting with Dr. J was confidential and comfortable enough for me to share the problems I was truly experiencing. Having been through a tramatic two weeks, I asked Dr.Lipham to help me cope with some anxiety I was experiencing. As I was laying on the table I began to feel actual energy lifting from my shoulders. I kid you not. This procedure helped regain my composure and I was again functioning at normal capacity.

The second time I was treated by Dr. J I had an earache for over one week. She placed the acupuncture needles strategically in the area of pain. Within an hour and half I was no longer in pain. It is nice to be touch with a Doctor who actually knows and cares about her patients. Thank you for being you.


I am so pleased with the care that I receive from Dr. Lipham. By taking the time to listen and look at things from a holistic view, she has truly become a partner in my health and well being. I started seeing Dr. Lipham to help address my stress level and related sleeping problems. I was prescribed a personalized mix of Chinese Herbs along with acupuncture and immediately noticed improvement. Following my first acupuncture session I had a restful night sleep which has continued. After helping me with these items, Dr. Lipham started addressing other issues of overall health, specifically diet and nutrition. We have been working together to create a plan that I can follow. With my initial complaints cured, I continue to see Dr. Lipham so that I can experience the benefits her medical knowledge.

- Kim

Greetings Dr. Lipham...kindly read below...see you soon...many thanks, Perry

May this confirm that my experiences under the care of Dr. Jessica Lipham, these past few months, have been extremely positive.
Understand that I suffer from an advancing case of rheumatoid arthritis which, prior to receiving treatment from Dr. Lipham, had made it very difficult for me to walk or use my hands. I had endured several years of traditional RA treatments, including participating in a 2 year trial study of an advanced RA biologic which produced mostly negative results for me.

It pleases me greatly then, to be able to say today that I am now again, able to walk well; to ride a bike; to use my hands in gardening activity; to appreciate mostly pain free body movement; after only approximately three months of acupuncture treatment and natural medicinal additives to my daily routine.

All of this has been provided by the attentive care of Dr. Lipham; all of this progress has occurred in a relative short time period; and all of this progress has turned my life totally around. For these results, I am most grateful. I now look forward to progressing along a health restoring path so as to live a productive and satisfying life while not needing to endure the degenerative path that normally accompanies a life with RA. My heart felt thanks to you, Dr. Lipham, for providing me with these life changing alternatives, and for your attentive care as we have made this journey together. I look forward to tomorrow!

Hi Dr. Jessica,

Trying not to be too wordy, or too out there, here are some heartfelt words of my experience with you.
Whether it was my thyroid, glaucoma, exhaustion, or emotional shock, Dr. Jessica Lipham's has met my every challenge with the grace of a natural healer. I believe her years of training, study, and practice simply developed the skill and precision innate within her. Certainly, she has improved my health and well-being in every area. Her way of treating the whole of who I am, instead of just treating an ailment, always serves to re-align me with a more truthful understanding of the ailment, and its place within the whole of my body and life. It is uplifting and grounding at the same time.

Instead of leaving a doctor's office in a state of worry, as I so often have, I leave Dr. Jessica's treatment rooms celebrating the wholeness of life within my physical body and my world. I am happy, grateful, and blessed to have found this beautiful physician.

Julia Dennis

Having searched for over 12 years for a doctor with knowledge and education in both Eastern and Western medical philosophies with an emphasis on the least toxic, but most effective treatment protocols, our family is so excited to have found Dr. Jessica Lipham!! She is truly a local treasure! We think of her first for all of our family's healthcare needs; from our toddler's first ear infection to ringworm, back pain, bronchitis, food sensitivities, hormonal challenges and whatever else life brings our way. I never fear that I will lose precious time in treating a serious case with the wrong protocol because I have complete trust that Dr. Lipham's recommendations will be in our best interest. She would not hesitate to recommend a trip to the emergency room or pediatrician's office should she feel it is warranted. Our 3½ year old daughter loves Dr. Lipham so much she asks to visit her even when she's not sick, whereas she has cried to leave pediatric waiting rooms even before meeting the doctors! Not only is she skilled in her medical knowledge and experience, but her customer service is top notch. It is such a pleasure to get a return phone call from the doctor herself and have the opportunity to spend five minutes getting a thorough answer and peace of mind. Dr. Lipham is a priceless resource to our community!

Regarding Dr. Jessica Lipham's semi-annual cleanse:

I had been feeling sluggish, run-down and generally overburdened by small things for quite some time without really even realizing it. In aerobics classes at the gym, I felt like I struggled to finish the class after being ½ a beat behind for the whole hour, which just wasn't like me. After gaining an additional ten pounds this summer and feeling like an oversized sausage in a too small casing, I was really looking forward to Dr. Lipham's whole food/juice cleanse. With an emphasis on how our bodies are affected by what we put into them, Dr. Lipham has designed an extremely effective (and, dare I say, easy) protocol to detoxify our livers and gall bladders, and give us a general "reboot". With this cleanse I got rid of sugar cravings, a pesky inability to concentrate, my memory has improved, my energy level is exponentially higher, even my lung capacity feels expanded, and those excess ten pounds are also gone. I inadvertently learned that I have food sensitivities I didn't know I had before the cleanse that were contributing to the sluggish, heavy feeling I had been carrying around for most of the last year. The group format of the cleanse is an additional supportive element that helps us be successful and encourages each of us to make new, like-minded friends to support us in our efforts of "clean living" in a potentially toxic world.

Roxanne J. 

Dear Dr. Lipham,

Many times over the past 6 months, I have tried to put down a few words to thank you for being the strength for the changes in my life.

I was in such pain when I first arrived at your office that I honestly did not see any hope for a cure. My medical doctors had pronounced me to be suffering from Fibromyalgia for which there were limited cures. All that I tried caused further complications and I could not lift my arms to my waist, could not lie down or turn over without pain, and could not sleep. I took pills that made me sick to just get sleepy, then slept in a tilt-back chair. I was depressed about the future and cried all the way to work and back home each day.

The first visit surprised me with so much time spent on finding out about me. I could not imagine that a doctor would really want to know everything about me. Then, the acupuncture gave me new energy, but not all at once. The most extensive relief came from the cupping that literally pulled my pain out of my shoulders and eased the muscles in my back. It hurt at first, but when I woke up the next morning, after 7 months of extreme pain, I could actually get out of bed alone. It felt like a miracle, but I knew I had to keep making life changes to get back to complete wellness. So, I took my restorative herbs, continued my contrast therapy, moved my body even when it objected, and slowly healed.

My husband had been worried that my depression over the pains I had been experiencing, might cause me to just lie down and "give up," so he pushed me to try some kayaking, encouraged me to walk my dog, go to work every day, get back into life. It felt like a hard walk uphill against the wind, but it all came together slowly.

Now, one year after my pain first began, I am nearly pain free. I can do a lot of things I thought I would have to give up. My kayaking trips are better, longer, and leave no pain in my arms. My dog is still ready to run me around the block, but at least now I can keep up. Joining a Tai-Chi class has improved my balance and my energy level. Life is good, better than last year, and looking up for the future.

I want to thank you for giving me back my "joie de vie"...and my husband thanks you for taking away the tears and giving him back his happy, sometimes silly, wife.

Eternally grateful,
Cindy Schiller 

I've been meaning to email you to tell you just how much meeting you has influenced our life. We have kept up our fasts since moving here, and even fasted last year before leaving Florida - we were at Disney World while doing it, it was AWESOME :) not to have to make food choices there!

Our spring fast went well also. The clarity I gained from those days inspired me to sign up for an online course through a British university, which I have now almost completed, to become a Certified Vegan and Vegetarian Nutrition Consultant. I am not sure what I'll ultimately do with the knowledge I now have, but one real possibility is that I would like to organize Vegan/Fasting cleansing retreats here at the resort Damon and I now manage. We would hold the retreats in the spring and fall, which is the off season for us, and a relatively quiet time around here. Perfect for introspection! The idea is still in the preliminary stages, but if I do go through with it, it will be in great part thanks to you and the role you played in teaching us, and showing us the benefits of cleansing.

This fall, I decided to put myself on the prep diet for a month instead of just one week (there was a lot of social drinking over the summer, so I figured I should get all that out of my system!) Aside from the weight loss (a great side effect, as you call it :) ), the benefits of being off sugar, wheat, processed foods and alcohol long term have been remarkable. I'd never really internalized the fact that food has such bearing on one's mood, outlook on life, and nervous system in general. I'd always focused on the physical importance of eating well, but this makes it all the more worthwhile. I've felt calm and relaxed like rarely before. Love it.

Anyway, we're getting ready to fast next week, and this time around we have a special treat in the organic grapes that are ripe this time of year in our small vineyard. It's such a fun experience to pick the grapes, juice them, and enjoy them right there and then!

We'll be thinking of you and the group too, sending positive waves across the Atlantic for a fullfilling time for all!

Well, that's all I wanted to tell you, Jessica, to keep up the good work that you are doing, and know that you truly have a positive impact on people's lives, even if you don't know (or in this case, read) about it directly right away.

D.G. and G.G. 

Hi Dr. Jessica,

I just wanted to tell you the treatment you gave me was awesome. I felt so floaty and relaxed all of Wednesday and Thursday. Thank you so much! I can really feel the change in my emotions, I felt the energy tingling for those two days. It was just an amazing experience.

Jenn Shadwick 

I began seeing Dr. Jessica while under the care of another physician for a non-malignant tumor in my neck. Under her specialized treatment plan of Chinese medicines and acupuncture, the mass continued to decrease in size and surgery was ultimately cancelled!

Since that time, Dr. Jessica and her arsenal of Chinese healing techniques has helped me to successfully transition off of HRT medications, medications for seasonal allergies, corrected a gastrointestinal problem and got me through a terrible back muscle pull (again without the use of pain medications or muscle relaxers but with acupuncture, cupping and home healing techniques). Most recently, my husband and I participated in her whole food group cleanse and detoxification with has left us both with an enriched quality of life.

Dr. Jessica has a wonderful ability to blend modern medical science and natural medicine approaches. I have learned so much from her to make nutrition and lifestyle changes to build a solid foundation for better health. Thank you Dr. Jessica. You are such a blessing to me and I am so grateful to have you to turn to for any health issue!


I am a 73 year old caucasian male. In October 2004 I was diagnosed with malignant neuroendocrine tumors of the liver and adjacent areas.

After having various therapies performed ,including chemo and embolizations, with minimal success, I decided to investigate an alternative naturopathic approach to manage and perhaps find a cure for my disease.

In April 2009 I visited Sarasota Healing Arts. After my initial 2 hour "Get to know each other" appointment, I found Dr. Jessica Lipham to be very knowledgeable and attentive. I sensed a caring attitude that she extended as to my well being.

Dr. Lipham reviewed my CT scans, blood work and medical history. Using this data she compiled a specific alternative agenda of Western/Eastern herbal medicines and various nutritional products to supplement a suggested dietary plan. Also included in her "Tool Box" to enhance self healing were Chinese acupuncture, body message and meditation techniques.

I have been working with Dr. Lipham for 6 months. My CT scans indicate no progression of my disease and my complete blood work is excellent.

I feel relaxed and confident that the individual holistic health care provided by Dr. Lipham at the Sarasota Healing Arts will continue to benefit my health in the future.

Matthew L. Gress 

I can't even begin to describe the profound effect Dr. Lipham's talents have had on my physical and mental well-being. I know that I am absolutely blessed to have found her!

I was suffering from chronic depression, high sugar levels, a frozen shoulder and a myriad of other health issues that influenced the lethargy and hopelessness I felt. I like the way she uses her knowledge and intuition about the body and mind to guide her proficiency in healing. She allowed me to gain control over my health and partnered with me at a very core level. She listens better than any other medical practitioner I have ever met and remembers what I share! She uses her skills and knowledge to work in harmony with me while advising on resources, supplements and strategies to maximize results. Her philosophy to address the source, not mask the symptoms, has brought me tremendous results and allowed me to eliminate my reliance on pharmaceuticals.

My experience has been so overwhelmingly positive that I can honestly say that I am well on the way to possessing the level of wellness I once only considered a dream. I am extremely optimistic because I know that Dr. Lipham will continue to move me to higher levels of wellness and will support me when I experience setbacks and trails.

Dr. Lipham is a remarkable practitioner but an even more remarkable person. I feel privileged and honored to have her as a guide on my journey to wellness.

Susie Wood, Sarasota , FL