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Qi Gong
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Qi Gong - (chee gong)

Literally translated Qi gong means cultivation of breath or vital energy. Classical Chinese culture is a Qi culture and according to this tradition Qi is the most fundamental aspect to our existence. Qi, or energy, exists all around us. Although we cannot physically see this energy, we can physically feel this energy within our bodies. It is said to flow like a river or a musical rhythm adhering to the universal laws of the cosmos. It is a longevity practice and was developed by ancient masters searching for immortality and spiritual enlightenment.

Much of the practice of Qi gong involves nourishing the human body and mind through working with the breath and the ever changing flow of the river between heaven and earth. In cultivating vital energy we are able to optimize our physical, mental, and spiritual beings. Too often, we find these aspects of ourselves fragmented and by practicing Qi gong we are able reconnect with the universal energy that is available for maximizing wellness.