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Diabetes Prevention

Dr. Jessica Lipham is a primary care practitioner with numerous qualifications. She is a licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine and a Doctor of Natural Medicine. Dr. Lipham is also qualified to treat pre-Diabetic conditions thus preventing the onset of full blown diabetes with all its attendant problems. She is also certified in the Mongan Method of hypno-birthing. The philosophy of Hypno-birthing is that childbirth is a celebration of life and not a medical condition. 
Dr. Lipham utilizes Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, nutrition, natural therapeutics and more in her family practice. Patients range in ages from 7 weeks to 97 years. 

Dr. Lipham’s training allows her to blend healing traditions from the East (Oriental Medicine) and the West (Allopathic Medicine), which allows her to work together with every patient on an integrative treatment plan that will begin the journey toward optimum health.