Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture at Sarasota Healing Arts
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Chinese Herbs
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Chinese herbal formulas have been used by clinically by practitioners for thousands of years. Most formulas are food or plant based offering no negative side effects. One of the first formulas was rice soup. Its function was to strengthen life energy and it was used in debilitating diseases.

Due to the fact that Chinese formulas are highly effective and predictable in outcome, they are rapidly surpassing prescription medications. They are low cost and afford a cure without uncomfortable side effects. However it is imperative that any prescriptions are formulated specific for you by a qualified Chinese herbal practitioner.

Herbal formulas offer a method of maintaining movement in the channels after an acupuncture treatment. Through the needles the "Qi" becomes unobstructed and in conjunction with the proper formula the desired outcome may more rapidly obtained.

For those that are uncomfortable with Acupuncture, Chinese herbal formulas offer a safe alternative opportunity to heal.