Article of Qi Gong and Acupuncture at Sarasota Healing Arts
Qi Gong & New Beginnings
Put Painful Periods in you Past

Dr. Jessica Lipham, ND, DOM

New beginnings begin within yourself......

As the year wraps up and we enter into 2010, we reflect upon the past 365 days. Within this reflection comes the pertinent question of how much time was devoted toward self and Selfcare? The answer is simple for most.......little to none. The reasons are many and mostly evolve around all that “we feel we must do.” Although this feeling originates from the external world, many of us have accepted that "rat-race" type of thinking as normal.

It is time for a change globally as well as micro-cosmically. That microcosm is you and the change must come from within. The answer to the question of how do I manifest this change from within is also simple. Because we exhaust ourselves on the outside, it is now more important than ever to begin to build up reserves that we will be able to tap into for future use. Yoga and meditation are ways in which you can sit with yourself and listen. Tuning out the extraneous sounds so that you can hear the dialogue within is usually the hardest commitment to make.

Let me introduce you to the most appropriate tool for accessing the sounds on the inside and anchoring your relationship with self. It is the practice of Qi Gong (pronounced chee). Qi gong is a means by which we connect ourselves and our spirit to the universal energy. Practicing requires focus not only on a physical layer, but also on a spiritual layer.

What is this Qi (or chi)? It is the energy that allows us to live and breathe. It is around us at all times yet we are unable to see it. However, with an internal daily practice one may become sensitive to its subtleties and know better how to access it and utilize it for health and wellbeing.

“Ren Bu Zhong Qi”, a classical quote from a text over 3000 years old, translated means the human being cannot see the qi because they are at all times surrounded by it. The practice of qi gong, a meditative martial art, allows us to perceive this qi and to reconnect with nature through spirit. In doing so we harmonize the internal rhythms and become balanced physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The word Qi is too deeply laden with symbology to easily choose one English word that properly translates it. However “vital energy” is perfect for this discussion as it is the energy within us that when moving free from obstruction liberates and protects us from the “10,000 diseases.”

The existence of the universal qi is like a musical rhythm that, when we are open to listen, we can sense it playing within us at all times. Before there were words there was sound which expressed the exact vibration at which all the cells in our bodies move in a dynamic dance maintaining health and balance. We can validate this relationship when we hear a single note or a song resonate from deep within. Sometimes a song may touch you so deeply that it may even move you to tears (another free flowing mode of expression.) This feeling of being open and naked to the universal sounds and rhythms allows you to solidify your relationship with self which will ultimately reach out into your surrounding circles and spread the same peace and calm that you feel within to those you love.

Getting to be clear about the sensation and sounds from within bring us back to the practice or “gong.” The word gong translates into work, labor, or cultivation. The practice of qi gong is a cultivation of your vital energy so that you may be in harmony with your surroundings. Let me add that the practice is not easy. It takes discipline to be consistent and requires a commitment on your part to devoting the time for yourself. This new year make it a prosperous one by shifting your perspective and work from the inside out rather than starting on the outside and perhaps entirely missing the goodness of the god or godess within.

So by the end of 2010 your answers can be clear to the question of “How is your relationship with self and how calm is your internal landscape?” You will know what the internal rhythms are as you will have taken the time stop and listen within. As we feel a change on the outside we will start to shift and transform on the inside as a direct reflection of the external changes. Join a class to have the guidance you need as a beginner and start to experience your own internal energy flow. With practice you can become aware of simple ways to redirect those energies to flow smoothly and benefit you on the deepest levels. Do this for your future relationship with self and for the future of those around you.