Dr. Jessica Lipham Sarasota Healing Arts WELCOME TO SARASOTA HEALING ARTS
The mission

The human body has an innate healing mechanism that has allowed humanity to survive millennia of illness and disease. It is my goal to invigorate the body’s natural ability to heal by removing the obstacles to cure and to re-educate on the fundamental needs of the system as a whole.

By blending healing traditions from the East (Oriental Medicine) and from the West (Naturopathic Medicine and Allopathic Medicine) we (you and I) will work together on an integrative treatment plan that will awaken your inner strength as you journey toward wellness. By taking into account the whole person (body, mind, and spirit), including all aspects of your lifestyle, we will emphasize the therapeutics that will work for you as an individual. Because you are the most important part of your health.

The treatment plan will utilize the safest, most effective and least invasive methods without harmful side effects. Treatments will be flexible to your present situation and, if maintained, will inevitably leave you feeling better than ever.